Monday, August 20, 2012

Man Fashion-Summer Shoe Styles

Many have their footwear choices dictated by their work and not their after-hours activities. So most likely they will have little to no shoe choices when summer rolls around. Do not let the same thing happen to you by making sure you have at least one or more of the type of shoes fit for summer.

How can summer be complete without a trip to the sandy beach or a pair of beach sandals for the trip? For beach sandals, slip on a pair of Black Karma Sandal by Paul Smith Jeans. This sandal is a stylish leather in black with contrasting textile strap in black and grey stripes. It has a padded sole and its rubber material gives you the perfect comfort you will need for any long walks during the summer.

The Ralph Lauren Irby vachetta sandal is crafted in Italy from luxurious leather for a handsome, warm-weather essential. This dress sandal is open toed, has a sling strap at the front and back with a brass buckle. The sandal quality promises a comfortable wear. You can easily dress them down with a pair of jeans or cargo shorts or you can elevate your personal style by wearing them with linen trousers and a Cuban-style shirt before heading for cocktails. Either way, you are bound to look attractive.
Long before running shoe companies began collaborating with high-end designers, there was the Adidas Samba Classic Sneakers. What began as an indoor soccer shoe decades ago became a fashion staple as players began wearing them off the pitch. Today, the Samba is an international icon of casual cool. This is the original casual athletic shoe one must have for the summer.

There always seem to be a necessity to keep a pair of casual slip on no matter what season it is; you never know when you might need a shoe different than the others mentioned above. This is when we introduce you Louis Vuitton's Monte Carlo Loafer in Petit Damier Embossed Suede. This attractive loafer comes in the color of white, green and cacao. This slip on shoe offers unparalleled versatility for any occasion, whether it is for a formal cocktail summer party or a casual date.

Your shoe choices offer insight into who you are as a man. By paying attention to your shoes, you tell the world that you actually thought about your footwear before heading out.
Paul Smith Jeans Black Karma Sandals
Ralph Lauren Irby vachetta sandal
Adidas Samba Classic Sneakers
Louis Vuitton Monte Carlo Loafer in Petit Damier Embossed Suede

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Man Fashion: Fashion You Should Avoid in this Summer

Odds are that you have already picked out your shades for this season, learned how to mix and match your outfits and pleasantly blend your summer colors. However, there are plenty of small yet crucial fashion issues we tend to neglect. Taking care of those details is what will actually save you big time from the fashion police, even if you are not conscious of it.

In the summer time, try sticking to lighter colored suits and stay away from the darker ones. Leave the dark colors for the later season. Instead, take this opportunity to be brave with the colors and opt for vibrant colors. Steer clear of heavy fabrics such as thick wool and fleece too.

One of the fashion disasters is to wear sandals with socks. Gentlemen, please note that sandals should never be worn with socks. Sandals are made to be worn bare and not accompanied by socks. If you prefer wearing socks, pick other kinds of shoes that go with the socks.

Even if the weather is burning you up, pass up wearing spaghetti strap tank tops unless you want to look like a meatball. Opt for sleeveless shirts instead.

Another fashion disaster that you should steer clear of would be wearing bicycle shorts even if you are not doing the exact sport. Bicycle shorts tend to scare the other sex instead of attracting them. Hence, stick to regular shorts during the season.

 Summer is the season where we worry about sweat stains the most as they are the ultimate turn off. You do not want to scare off your crush or leave a bad impression on the new people you are meeting. If your shirts are permanently yellow at the armpits, simply get rid of the shirts. Opt for shirts with patterns that could help camouflage your sweat stains if you are the type to sweat it out a lot. On the other hand, if your armpits get sweaty and damp when it's hot, try using a better deodorant or antiperspirant and remember to keep your arms nice and low.
Stay clear of the destructive fashion flux and enjoy the summer looking great.

Friday, May 25, 2012

5 Formal Hairstyles in this Summer

For important occasions, your hairstyle deserves almost as much consideration as your clothes. There is no point dressing up to the nines but leaving your hair disheveled and uncared for.

If you have short hair, the smooth and slick style is one of the ways to do it. To achieve this formal hairstyle, have the sides and back of your hair cut short and close to the head using clippers and your top layers snipped more jaggedly. Apply a little gel all over your head then using a fine tooth comb, brush the sides of your hair down and back. Add a slight lift to your front to keep your style from being too controlled and don't get hung up on flyaway's.

No one wears the au naturel look better than George Clooney. This hairstyle is a great choice if you are aiming for a formal look. It is easy to maintain and style. All you need is a cut that is fairly uniform in length, a light mousse and a brush with boar bristles. Just be extra careful to avoid overdosing on hair products when you are aiming to attain a naturally groomed style.

The swept back look is a good choice for men with medium-length hair. It is however a little more time consuming. You will need a styling cream, a paddle brush, hairspray and a blow-dryer. Comb the styling cream through wet hair then to create volume in the front, blow-dry on high heat using a paddle brush to lift your hair from the root toward the back of your head. Finish off this style by applying a fine mist of hairspray and then blasting your hair quickly with blow-dryer on cold to keep everything in place.

If you have curly hair, it can be quick to unruly in hot and humid weather and definitely unsightly during formal events. Hence, it is crucial you use the best hairstyling products to avoid this disaster. A good choice of hairstyle would be the cut that is short all over. An example would be like Justin Timberlake.

Side parting is a famous choice when formal is on the mind. Leonardo DiCaprio constantly captures this timeless style. It works best on short to medium length hair. It is also an almost universally flattering style. However, you should avoid it if you have a high forehead.

Styling your hair in a formal way for significant events completes the package and shows others your polished side, whether you have known them for years or you are meeting them for the first time.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Men Hairstyles to Avoid for First Date

When you see a girl you like, what do you do? You walk up to her, start up a conversation and hope to score a date. And when you do, what's next? Just turning up for a date dressed up nicely is not going to get you very far. In fact, paying attention to your hairstyle is extremely important too. A bad hair cut can make women avoid you like a plague.

The first hairstyle you should definitely avoid on the first date is the ponytail hairstyle. To women, a ponytail suggests a more negative impression than a positive one. It gives off the impression that you are lazy at keeping up with your appearance or more of a creepy pervert than a thoughtful and considerate possible lover. A shaggy cut is a better alternative if you prefer longer hair.

Another hairstyle you should avoid is slicked back hair. This hairstyle gives off the impression of greasy hair and the wet hair makes your hair appear like a helmet. Women could not resist the temptation of running their hands through their men's hair so excessive amounts of hair product are a definite turnoff.

A comb-over is also a bad choice of hairstyle for first dates. It is a terrible attempt to cover up a balding head. If you are in the early stages of hair loss, grow your bangs slightly longer to cover up receding at the temples.

When it comes to men's hair, anything past the jaw line can look greasy, particularly on the active guys. This hairstyle has the disadvantage of giving your date the impression that you are trying hard to appear youthful. If you want an appearance that suggests an extroverted and fun personality, apt for a shaggy, layered look and use a bit of gel and your fingers to create a slightly messier hairdo.

First impressions are important and hence, it is very important to pay extra attention when presenting yourself in front of the person you are interested in. But taking note of your hairstyle should not just stop at the first date or the second. The best way to know whether or not the hairstyle suit you are to switch up your look once or twice and see if your address book doubles in size.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Man Fashion Tips: Best Jeans to Flatter Your Body Type

With numerous types of cuts and design, jeans can be one of the hardest clothing to buy. Trying on pair after pair of jeans unflattering to your body can be a rather deflating experience for your ego. However, if you know your body type and the styles that flatter it best, you can save loads of time and your self-esteem won't be so much on the rocks.

The basic is the straight-cut jeans. This kind of jeans typically sits at your natural waist and is slim through the seat and thighs, gradually tapering off and slightly at the ankle. Straight-cut jeans flatter the tall and lean body type best. Jeans with a flat front and straight leg will show off your body to its best advantage. People of slim and of average height look flattering in this kind of jeans too. If you have the body to wear them, the straight-cut jeans are the perfect choice as they can pretty much be paired with anything.

The flare cut, also known as boot-cut jeans was originally designed to be worn with cowboy boots. This cut is a good choice to as it is very flattering for many body types. Typically the flare-cut styles should sit just below your natural waist and should be slightly loose through the leg. A bonus about these jeans is that it will never go out of style and it is so easy to dress them up for occasions. The athletic and muscular types look best with flare-cut jeans as they will subtly show off all your hard-earned gym work. However, if you have larger frames, flare-cut jeans should be avoided like a plague as it will only make you appear larger.

The defining feature of the low-rise jeans is that it sits below your natural waistline, often on the hip bones. Low-rise jeans can be straight cut, slim fit, bootleg or wide leg. However, it is best to wear this kind of jeans with a longer shirt. As the jeans are low-rise, your midriff will be visible anytime you move your arms and it is never a good one for men. Those with larger frames should apt for wide-leg styles as they are really great for concealing physical flaws but avoid choosing styles that are too baggy.

Do not be afraid to but more than one pair once you find jeans that fit your perfectly. With this newfound knowledge, your next shopping trip should be much more efficient.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Man Fashion Tips: 6 Good Reasons To Wear Blazer in Fall

People often wonder why men in blazers look so much more attractive and that the ladies tend to notice the ones in these smart suits more too. Here are the reasons why you should pick up your blazer more often now.

Reason number one is that blazers make anyone look masculine. Pretty much always the world's most manly men are in some sort of blazer. The reason people care about clothes in the first place is to attract other people and hence, blazers are a very good reason to be worn.

The second reason to get yourself a blazer whenever you hit out is that blazers are versatile wardrobe pieces appropriate for a variety of occasions. Whether you are attending a wedding, an office meeting, out on a date or even to a funeral, wearing a blazer can never go wrong. They are an easy pick that is bound to make you stand out in any event for the right reasons.

The third reason is that blazers help to hide all those body parts you don't want to show. A formfitting blazer can create a completely new profile for your body so whether it is love handles, flabby forearms or a spare tire, a blazer can straighten out your silhouette.

Another reason to throw on a blazer is that this piece of clothing is one of the few items in a man's wardrobe that can work with anything from a tie to a T-shirt. The possibilities with blazers are endless. But of course, knowing how to match it well gives in extra points.

The advantage of wearing a blazer is that it does not limits you to one certain weather to wear it. Of course, wearing a blazer is not so desirable during a hot weather but it is efficiently beneficial when it comes to a colder weather. A blazer can keep you warm while keeping you looking good. Better to replace your big bulky unattractive jackets for a smart looking blazer.

Blazers are an excellent wardrobe piece to bring around during traveling. You can wear the same item with so many other pieces and blazers make it is easy to dress for a variety of occasions with just a few additional articles of clothing. This simplifies your packing for traveling and in the mean time, still maintains you looking good.

A good blazer will improve your profile, but it is still up to yourself to achieve the perfect body shape. Good luck.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Man Fashion Tips: Hip Nightly Rituals that Improve Your Appearance

Our daily lives are filled with work, stress and activities that are bound to cause a strain on our complexion. To present a better version of yourself, start picking up nightly habits so you can be sure to look your absolute best.

Spend some time at night before you hit the sack to tweeze unwanted hair on your face. Getting rid of unwanted hair between your eyebrows, taming bushy brows and plucking unruly nose or ear hairs are all jobs better tackled at night, especially if you have sensitive skin. This is because tweezing can lead to redness and performing this grooming operation at night means that any irritation that develops has eight hours to subside, so your face would not have any awkward red spots.


Lips get hard and chapped during harsh weathers. Lip balm may help soften the lips but you can begin to nurture natural soft lips while you sleep. Begin by exfoliating your lips when you brush your teeth. Simply run your toothbrush lightly back and forth across your upper and lower lips a few times. This is to get rid of any dry, flaky skin and only takes mere seconds. Apply a softening lip balm after brushing your teeth and you will wake up in the morning with kissable nice lips.

It is important to take note of what we consume because what we eat or drink reflects on our skin. Drinking caffeine in the form of coffee, energy drinks or soda, or consuming more than a couple of alcoholic beverages in the evening will keep you awake. However, drinking all these will cause you to lose out on restorative sleep time. They are also dehydrating which increases the appearance of wrinkles because they dry out your skin. Switch to decaf tea if you crave a hot drink or plain old ice water for a cold one instead before sleeping for younger-looking skin.

Make it a habit to do some gentle stretching before bed as it will lengthen your muscles and within a few weeks, you will have a leaner, more toned appearance and being more agile. Moreover, light stretching will help you relax and make sleeping better. You will appear more relaxed in the morning without having to attend any yoga classes to reap these benefits.

There are plenty of other excellent nightly rituals that will help improve your appearance. Make them an essential habit every night to gain the best version of you.